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Hello JCMH clients:

We hope that you are safe and doing well during these extraordinary times. This event is creating the need for tremendous change in everyone’s business & personal lives.

JCMH Consulting will be suspending all travel scheduled for the year (adhering to the current health protocols) and is now looking to provide all services virtually.

For years, many of you have asked Chris to perform follow up reviews on your software health and employee performance. Because of his dense travel schedule he has never been able to commit to this. With our new business model however, he will now be able to serve your needs better with regular and consistent remote meetings, calls and reviews.

What does this mean for you?

1. If you have scheduled JCMH to come to your office this year, we will need to discuss how we virtualize it.

2.  JCMH will now be available to to provide oversight, training and reviews of your data, results, people etc. on a consistent basis. With our new virtual framework we will now be more immediately available, and will be pleased to offer a new customized program to fit your needs or desires.

3.  You can still work with us hourly as per your JCMH agreement or on a weekly/monthly basis.

4. JCMH is also excited to share that we are developing additional virtual classes, services etc. (look for future announcements).

Chris will be personally reaching out to all of you to discuss this and to answer any questions. It is an honor to serve your business needs, and we look forward to continued service.

The JCMH Consulting Team

Are your team's behaviors consistent with the goals of optimal performance?

Are you getting what you want from your software?

Are your people and business systems accountable to each other?

Are your people working well together and enjoying their jobs?

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Happy Customers

Virtual Controller

JCMH is pleased to provide our clients with our “Virtual Controller” Service. This service was designed to assist our clients with many of their various short-term accounting challenges.


1. Assist with the closing of a financial period or year-end, assuring an owner that their books are accurate.
2. Short-term fill in for clients with vacancies and/or training for newly hired accounting staff, getting them up to speed.
3. Forensic reviews/audits, GL management and positioning for reporting to Banks, Buyers, Investors.
4. Peace of mind for the non-accounting owners and managers.
5. One on One review of financials with management teams.
6. Process audits to ensure on time reporting with confidence in the results.
5. Flexible plans tailored to each client scenario.
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